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Yosseline is the most amazing human being in earth. She’s one of a kind. Has a pure loving heart. She should give no fucks about what haters gotta say about her. She makes people smile with the simple things and just by looking at her smile it brightens up peoples days. Yosseline always deals with others problems but when it comes to her being in the situation no on she is there for her. She gives people her all when others just take her for granted, But yosseline keeps going with life. She is really sensitive when it comes to emotions. But if you get in her bad side oof she someone else. She’s a magnificent person and any guy would dream of having her.
Ana: Yosseline is an amazing person who shouldn’t doubt herself because people take her for granted when she’s there for everybody else.

Others: Yeahh she’s honestly one of a kind.
by Yossi’s Best Friend (A**) March 05, 2018
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