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A sexually and mentally uninhibited male. He spends his days practicing and/or teaching yoga, giving acupressure massage to improve the abdominal health and digestion of potential mates, expanding the limits of his consciousness while listening to Deepak Chopra's "Soul of Healing Meditations" CD (becoming part of the collective consciousness) and sleeping generally from 2am to 2pm daily. The preferred habitat is the apartment of fellow yoga partitioners, often females, whom he does not pay rent to. He is often known to live in different cities during the year, taking what he can from the kindness of multiple gullible people. (Also mostly female.)
Heather let a yogalo move in with her. Within a month she was talking about how even when he was spending the night at Sorayna's house, she could feel him in her body telepathically, their bond was that strong.
by wyatt gurp June 26, 2010
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