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yoddie is another word for a popper, used commmonly by people on the east coast, specifically in Halifax.

A "Popper" is a method of smoking Marijuana in which a glass or metal tube is inserted in a bong or plastic bottle. It is a combination of tobacco and marijuana that is wadded up and stuffed in the outside end of the tube. The tobacco is packed into the tube first, and is most often a small amount of tobacco torn off the end of a cigerette. Once the tobacco is inserted in the tube, a wad of marijuana is packed right on top of it. The water 'bottle or bong/ metal pipe filled with weed and tobacco' contraption is the Yoddie. To smoke a yoddie the marijuana and tobacco is lit then brewed slowly until it has been completely burnt. Once the marijuana and tobacco is completely burnt, it begins to "sink" into the tube. The smoker must suck or inhale deeply to "pull through" the contents into the water
guy 1- "man, all I ever want to do is pop yoddies"

guy 2 - "probs becasue tobacco is hella addictive"
by hali_sally April 22, 2011
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