It Means β€œ You Know What The Fuck Goin On β€œ
* Post a Pick smoking a blunt And Captions It * β€œ Ykwtfgo”
by Yazzx56 December 28, 2017
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YKWTFGO mean you know what the fuck going on usually used by True Oakland folks to let the other person that they know whats going on as in yeah you get it
Yooooooo YKWTFGO we at this party booling
by Gayforkehlani July 17, 2018
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( You Know What The Fuck Going On )

β€’ commonly used in an excited manner when gassing somebody up . Similar to the word duh
kayden - ooouuuu i seen you getting off w keisha
jalen - YKWTFGO !

EX. 2

Joanna - dammnnn you stepped out ! youre outfit is poppin’ girl !
Janiya - duhh girll ! YKWTFGO !
by coolkidjaz June 06, 2018
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