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She is a small Spanish girl, with dark eyes, and black hair. She sometimes wants to be different and have blonde hair or be tall, but either way She is the most beautiful girl in the world. She is amazing, in every single way, and can brighten up a dark room. She can say she’s fine at sometimes, but she doesn’t really mean it. Also, once you befriend her, she will be the best one you got. Many guys like her, but she tries not to pay attention to them because she is loyal. She’s the girl everyone asks for, and wants. Her laugh and personality is the best of all. Her laugh can be on replay for nights, and it will still be the best melody you have ever heard. Her personality is amazing, and she is very flexible. Don’t ever let a yisari go, because that would be the stupidest thing to do.
What should I do? Yisari makes me feel like I’m in space, but she doesn’t notice that.

Go talk to her, although , she has a boyfriend and trust me , she likes him.
by Secret messagetoyou May 18, 2018
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