amazing person, she really knows how to make you smile. shes unique in every way and never a cliche. She has really good music taste, and can recommend music to anyone, she also has fantastic style, always a trend-setter.
But mostly she is smart. She is top of her class in art, math and science. She is beautiful, and always grabs all the attention in the room, if you know a Yeta, she must be ahmazing, hold on to her.
person 1: I met a Yeta today
person 2: and?
person 1: She's amazing
by ladyybuggluvv May 23, 2010
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1. adjective, meaning something that is good, awesome, etc.

2. noun, meaning a person or thing that is good, awesome, etc.

(usually said with the word "fucking" before it.. )
1. My dad just bought me a yeta car for my birthday; I can't wait to drive it!

2. My nigga Dominic De Leon is a fucking yeta! I fucking love him!
by KRSLF! November 28, 2010
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very hairy and ugly stocker weirdo female usualy named chandra
awww gross did u see how ugly yeta is???
by lizabaloni February 27, 2008
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Really ugly female.
Not quite as ugly as a yeti but still not fuck-able, even the darkest of rooms
"Dam did you see that yeta?"
"Ya, I wish I took an Industrial size chain to her face."

See: Shelby Jones
Big Foot
Any yeti
by Jaymz M May 8, 2007
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