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This means of or related to the original way of Yeshua (the Aramaic name of Jesus of Nazareth in his mother tongue). Hence, this refers to the master and disciple relationship by which Yeshua taught in order to pass on to the disciples teachings aimed at developing higher states of consciousness exemplified by Yeshua's own development and example. A somewhat more derivative approach might be congregational but still aimed at development of similar love, compassion, and egolessness. That which is yeshic is contrasted with the many ramifications that characterize the modern splintering of Yeshua's message that can all too often revert to personality adoration, bland repetition, or overt ego inflation and control of others in the name of Yeshua. A yeshic style aims at developing the living Yeshua (Jesus Christ) within so that the practioner is transformed in consciousness and behavior.
The minister's yeshic teaching aimed his congregation toward deep love and service to others in the way of the master they sought to follow.
by Gregory V. Richardson February 20, 2005
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