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"The yes wave is also about using music and art to create transformative experiences that help people feel connected. Organizers and fans may communicate and coordinate online through various social media, but the ultimate purpose is gathering in real space not just to talk, or to party, but to be moved by authentic creative expression untainted by the corporate touch." - from the article "The Yes Wave: Whitehaus happenings and a conversation with Morgan Shaker" by John Stephen Dwyer, Boston Lowbrow, 18 March 2010
Removing physical and social barriers between musician and audience can help turn a traditional performance into a yes wave experience.
by WierdNewAmerica August 30, 2010
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the yes wave is a model of staying personally and interpersonally true in a world full of infinite moral possibilities.
"Dude, the audience sure got blasted with the yes wave at the Many Mansions show."

See also: "get turned on"
by whitehaus February 03, 2009
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After the New Wave, next to the No Wave, the Yes Wave is gospel and world music for a new generation of interdependent and interconnected world youth. Yes Wave = neon, ethnomusik, telemusik, religion, millenarian, anti-apocalypse, psychedelic, cyborg.
I was surfing the Yes Wave at the DRUNK MONKZ show last night and I think I lost my cell phone
by humahnhaus August 05, 2009
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