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"prop 8" is the proposition that will be voted for or against by californians in this coming election. it promises to make same sex marriages illegal once again. VOTE NO to further political progress and fairness to all americans.

this YES ON 8 bullshit is possibly part of one of the largest homophobic campaigns ever, i can hardly believe people let this "yes on 8" campaign into their neighborhoods.

sign reads: YES ON 8
propoganda mailed to homes all across california: YES ON 8
by alcudiaaa October 14, 2008
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Refers to the recent proposition passed in California banning gay marriage (Prop 8). Meant for use when someone is trying to commit a gay act on you, or do anything slightly homosexual.
John tries grabbing Matt's ass.

Matt: Yes on 8!
by prestonbrownie January 11, 2009
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Phrase used as a means of proving one's heterosexuality after inadvertently saying something that sounds gay.

Proposition 8 was a proposition to ban gay marriage in California in 2008. Voting 'Yes on 8' is against gay marriage, and thus, proves one's straightness.

Synonym: 'No Homo'
Dude, get off my ass. 'Yes on 8.'

I could go for some salted nuts. 'Yes on 8'

I'm gonna pound your ass. 'Yes on 8.'
by DustinIsBustin November 17, 2008
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