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Said after haha when you are insulting an ugly person. What some believe to be the highest form of witt, hummhummhumm, also others would disagree. Started from the ugliness of 'Eidy. Yer being the Dundonian for your, and face meaning the front of your head.
RRRRRRRRRRRR'Eidy yer ugly, HAAHAAAAA yer face!!!!!!
by Thommo January 10, 2005
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1) A term when you want to jokingly and somewhat insultingly say you don't care about something

2) Another way of stating "I don't care", except when someone asks you if he/she should choose something, you replace it with "yer face".

Noob1 "What ice cream flavor should I get?"
Noob2 "yer face."


Noob1 "Really, should I get chocolate or strawberry!?"
Noob2 "As stated earlier, I think you should order yer face."
by Vortex1212 December 20, 2016
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