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1. Acting like the town you're from is "gangsta", or hoping that it will someday devolve into a ghetto/gangsta community because you think that it would be cool to be in a gang or have turf wars. Often involves walking around acting thugor wigger-like and renaming your none gangsta town the first letter of its name followed by town

2. Being a wannabe

3. Going to the town skate board park after/during school to smoke, talk, and hang out

4. Dealing methamphetamine (pre 2000s)

5. Smoking the best marijuana in the northwest

Joe speaking to shmoe "dude, Arthur is yelming his life away, skipping school walking around with a bandana on like he's gangsta"


Arthur:"dawg, i gotta go smoke wit some niggaz then bust a cap in dey asses. Cuz you dont get away wit dat shit in Y-Town"

Joe:"we've gone over this Arthur, you aren't in Compton, Chicago, or Killeen, stop yelming"


Shmoe: "hey joe, what you doing after school?"

Joe:" im yelming today at the skatepark."


Shmoe's dad in the 1980s: "hey john, have you heard of this new way of getting money? it's called yelming."

Joe's dad John in the 1980s:
"Yelming? thats just selling meth. If you want to keep your teeth i suggest not going anywhere near meth"

*shmoe's dad doesnt listen then gets brain damage from getting on meth hence forth the reason he named his son shmoe

5. Shmoe "why didnt you go to work yesterday?"

Joe"I decided to stay home and do some yelming."
by TheWangstaFromY-Town February 11, 2014
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