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A place that where doing various drugs is looked very high upon in recent studies.

James: Wanna go do Meth?
Curtis: NO!
James: Why not we're in yelm?!
Curtis: Really? Ok!
Michael: O YEAH!!
by Michael Whitman 21 June 22, 2008
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A small melting pot town in Washington, that everyone seems to think is a "Hick town", pronounced (yell-mm). At one point in time was the neighbor of the methanphetamine capitol of the world. Now a days is known better for the extremely potent Marijuana it's townsfolk produce, and distribute. There are suburbs of Yelm as well. See: "Nisqually Pines" or "The Pines".
I know it's a long drive to Yelm, yo... they got that Boobonic Cronic!!! Just hope it aint laced.
by Dabrat1986 July 27, 2009
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1.Small town in Northwest Washington where everyone is friends with everyone as it seems but a rumor can spread quick as wildfire.Also known as Y-Town

2. The sound a fast car makes

3. A Native word meaning to pee, poop, and sneeze at the same time.
1. I love living in yelm

2. Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllm!

3. I had the biggest yelm in your sink last night.
by Johhny K June 23, 2008
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