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An phantom organization, taking credit for unclaimed acts
against criminals.
"Did you see, yellowbrick got that fuck Jimmy who raped Lucy last week. Say they cut it right off"
by 1408 May 29, 2008
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A term originating from the smoked out samurai cabins of West London.

Yellow brick is a word that replaces the colloquial and cliche term of long.


A considerably far distance.
A task requiring significant effort.
A tiresome situation.
An action of irritating concequence.
'Linking that score in North is yellow brick, let's not.'

'I was on macking that devotchka, but then she was like no, which was bare yellow brick'

'That road that Dorothy is on looks bare yellow brick'
by Jack Jewell November 28, 2006
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An infamous 'terrorist' organization, said to be a friend of all those who are just. Fucks up sick criminals and is specifically after child-porn.
59 year old dude :"Took some new pics of 4 year old Betty across the street!"

Normal human being :"I hope Yellowbrick fucks you up."
by hill1231 May 29, 2008
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