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the three phases of sex!

(1) YEARNING- absorbing knowledge of a human from whatever means, physical plane; e.t.c., and being tortured by visions of the sexual potential exuded by same.

(2) CHURNING- passing all testing, negotiation/s and processing, being given the 'green light'; and actually up and in someone's 'prime parts', in gear and actuating, grinding each other to oblivion!

(3) BURNING- the first indication control systems, now on auto-pilot are beginning to fail, and navigation is becoming clouded with sun-spots! a clue that the wax is about to burn off ones' wings, not unlike Icarus and Daedalus. the collection of all final mental samples of trans-fluidity before zooming into the center of the sun!
yearn churn burn had me held hostage at an early age

DNA commands one to yearn churn burn

yearn churn burn gave him a break after the lobotomy!

the teen was stuck yearning of churning and burning in hell
by michael foolsley August 18, 2010
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