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<yawn-cup> when you suddenly yawn loudly during a presentation or lecture, and you catch yourself halfway through and fake a hiccup, so as not to appear that you were so bored you fell asleep mentally before your first yawn. The yawncup is painful, and it is not recommended one tries it without sufficient practice and muscular training. In any case, your ego might not survive. The yawncup is often hilarious to all, including the speaker if in possession of a good sense of humor.
Supreme Court Justice Elana Kagan's good friend was lecturing in a Law School Lecture Hall about agency deference of the Auer variety and during the hour and forty-five minute long instruction, had just moved on to discuss procedural interpretations and Chevron deference, when a normally quite attentive 2L with outstretched arms proceeded to loudly yawncup, and the lecture was briefly interrupted for a whole class chortle.
by Stu Cherbourg April 13, 2017
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