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Yamelyn is a girl who takes thing porsonally.she has a great smile and thinks she ugly.people think that she is loyal,kind,sweet.she is a shy girl but doesn’t show it she cares about her friends.she likes boys that treat her like she is a princess.once you get to know her she is a funny,goofy,crazy girl.she is lazy and loves nature and would love to travel the globe.she is into galaxy because she thinks it day she will discover a nex galaxy far away from the Milky Way.yamelyn is one kind girl but if your on her bad side then there is no point of being friends with her.she is honest to people she likes a guys which every girl likes.but this one big is day you will get to meet a yamelyn.
Yamelyn is an interesting,intelligent, goofy girl who thinks she doesn’t mean anything but she does to lots of people.
by I want to use my real name December 20, 2017
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