XZ-ZXV is a man with the biggest cock in the world. His cock stretches across the entire continent and has the ability to contract and enlarge at will. Imagine this scenario, you are walking in a woody area in Little Rock, Arkansas. Whilst walking, you stumble upon what appears to be a snake. Out of fright, you jump back and attempt to run, only to be grabbed by the snake as it slithers down your throat. You feel around with your tongue, and from prior experience, are able to tell that this is a penis and not a snake. You grab hold of the wiener and follow it all the way back to its owner. You keep track of the journey and eventually end up in Seattle, Washington. You’ve travelled 2,262 miles and so has the cock. XZZXV is also a nice guy with a big heart.
XZZXV has the coolest cock there is and has a big heart.
by upowupo October 19, 2020
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