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Means xiǎo sǐ wǒ kào(笑死我靠),similar to xiǎo sǐ wǒ lè(笑死我了), used by people in China to show that something is very funny or just to defuse awkward situations just like xiào sǐ wǒ lè. However,it includes vulgarity unlike xiào sǐ wǒ lè, and is less commonly used. Both can also be used when something that annoys you happened, similar to hēhē(呵呵).
One person: Look at this video! it’s so funny!
Other person: xswk

A random person: This person sent to the group that she was in an international school, but afterwards she texted me to teach her English and said that she wanted to go to an international school but her parents can’t afford! she’s a liar.
Other person:xswk/xswl🙄I want to vomit blood
by Annabelyn._.07910 September 21, 2019
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