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A Kingdom Hearts yaoi pairing between Xigbar and Demyx. While not half as popular as the well established pairs such as AkuRoku or SoraRiku, it does have a fair amount of popularity in the Kingdom Hearts fandom. It is typically seen as a crack pairing, due to the fact that over the course of Kingdom Hearts II Xigbar and Demyx have no contact with one another.

Where or why it originated it a bit obscure. It seems to make most sense that it originated from the popular theory the Demyx is one of the youngest members of Organization XII and Xigbar is the eldest. This is slightly akin to AkuRoku, seeing as Roxas is 15, and Axel is typically thought of to be an adult.

Another reason might be that Xigbar's voice carried the tone of a steriotypical 'surfer dude', while Demyx's element is water.
Person 1: I'm looking for some interesting crack pairs, can you think of any? I'm thinking maybe somthing with Demyx.

Person 2: Well there's always Zemyx, XemDem, and XigDem.
by Axel D. Coble November 06, 2007
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A yaoi pairing between the fictional characters Xigbar and Demyx from the amazing video game Kingdom Hearts 2.
It's wonderfully lovely and all around good for your soul.
Omg~! XigDem is like soo my OTP!!
XigDem ftw~~~!
by Otakuu Of Peril~ November 14, 2007
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A popular Kingdom Hearts 2 yaoi pairing of the characters Xigbar and Demyx from Organization XIII.

Often times, Demyx is to be found playing the role of uke, while Xigbar plays the role of seme.

Another, less commonly used term for this pair is 'Ximyx'.
(1) This fic contains the pair XigDem

(2) Fan 1: I like XigDem! :D

Fan 2: Whats that? :o

Fan 1: Thats the pairing of Xigbar and Demyx from Kingdom Hearts 2! :D
by SqueeSan November 06, 2007
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