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One might consider the definition to be an emphasis of the xenophobic qualities of fascism. It can also be used to descrbe the modern consirvative, anti-immigrant movement across the country alongside a strict authoritarian view of national security that wholly destroys freedom by means of protecting freedom (burn the village to save the village). Prominent xenofascists include conservative commentators such as Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck and Virigina Representative (R-of course) Virgil Goode. Goode flew into a fit of sorts after Muslim Minnesota Representative (D)Keith Ellison chose to use Thomas Jefferson's Qur'an in his swearing-in to the US House of Representatives. Goode is a staunch supporter of decreasing legal immigration, and he wants to end Diversity Immigrant Visas because they allow an unacceptable number (possibly more than zero) of "non Europeans", especially those from terrorist states. Virgil Goode is a textbook xenofascist.
As a purpetrator of xenofascism, Virgil Goode sought to keep muslims out of America while srengthening Domestic sypying programs.
by Scott Steele October 15, 2007
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