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n. - an open source IRC client originally for Linux. Based on gtk+, it is easily ported to Windows. Unfortunately, it's developers decided to make the Windows version shareware. For those familiar with the GNU Public License (GPL), this is less than kosher.
xChat: Sorry, this version of xChat has expired, please click here to register."
Unsuspecting Windows User: WTF!?!?
by Vorondil November 12, 2004
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An Open Source IRC client, with several plugin interfaces. In several ways, superior to mIRC.

Arguably, helps break the Microsoft monopoly.
<teh_man325> D00d, you write mIRC scripts?
<trust> No.
<teh_man325> Wtf? You said you were a l33t programmer! I own j00!
<trust> a) I said 'reasonable', not l33t.
<trust> b) mIRC is shit. get a decent IRC client.
by trust April 25, 2004
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