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A forum created by Sub-Zer0, former moderator of the ytmnd forums. Max, the site admin of YTMND, left the site for most of the summer, and when he came back, he was appalled by the forums. He was mortified by all of the gay porn, anime porn, and racism on the YTMND forums. Max announced that people like Herr Ragnar and JEWKILLER were all a bunch of nazi fucks and that he would shut down the forums if they didnt stop it. After he posted the announcement, he said he would shut down the forums for good later that night. A huge flamewar between Max and other members of YTMND insued. Max failed to realize that every single thing on the YTMND forums was mearly a joke. Max got pissed off because he took all the pro-nazi and pro-communist posts seriously, and bitched about how the forums lacked any intelligent disscusion and was wasting his bandwith. He then banned all the members who made nazi jokes and the ones who made communist jokes. Sub-Zer0 unbanned all of the people Max banned, and then Sub-Zer0 unbanned them. Max then banned Sub-Zer0, and Sub-Zer0 then offered to help Max with the bandwith costs and sent him money. Max ignored Sub-Zer0 and Sub-Zer0 wanted his money back. Max shut down the forums.

And thus Sub-Zer0 created the X-YTMND forums on his original site. Basically, Max failed to realize that nothing was meant to be taken seriously on the forums, but Max allowed the ''INTERNET. SERIOUS BUISNESS.'' syndrome to take over. When sites like ''Lollercaust'' and ''Niggerpunch'' are the most popular sites on YTMND yet you expect intelligent conversation on the forums, you need a fucking CAT scan. After the new forums were opened up, a number of previous YTMND forum members started making pro-X-YTMND sites. This caused a backlash from the people who supported Max. X-YTMND still exists today on Sub-Zer0's website.
Fuck that jew Max- Join XYTMND today.
by Zorn October 23, 2004
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A re-incarnation of the original YTMND forums. The YTMND forums were full of odd, racist, and utterly hilarious content. It may seem that they are hateful, but they are really just kidding around. The X-ytmnd forums are where "SERIOUS INTERNET" business will not be found and instead forever be the forums where anything goes.

To sum it all up: X-ytmnd is the cornerstone of comedy and sillyness on the internet today.
X-ytmnd= Best Forums Ever
by Gamebrain November 03, 2004
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