We love our savior XpertCriminal aka Eric Sebastian Morton and would do anything for him. We drink the kool aid, all you have to do to join is GIVE THIS VIDEO A BIG THUMBS UP AND SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!!!!!
bruh you’re so cool for being a part of the X gang, I wish Eric would put me in his vlogs :(
by x gang member #32 June 30, 2018
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Glossyxgang is a very well known famous Instagram company who sells very high quality lip gloss they have many colors but they aren’t just any plain old lip gloss company they sell GLITTER GLOSS Go get you some lip gloss from them sis yo lips lookin crusty without it!
“Jenny I just got this lip gloss from Glossy X gang and it’s the best thing ever you have to try it out.”
by Jenna mormor October 23, 2019
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