that nigga that is always smoking it up, blazen that herb, and not givin a fuck. tends to say things like "JUST BALZE". A dumb ass. lives on lots o land, and somtimes a ass
that blazer is obviously wyck
by TheCartographer September 24, 2014
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To be hellishly awesome. One of the greatest and cheesiest ways of describing something cool that most likely has something to do with the '80s. You "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" fans know exactly what I mean...

Also can be said to alert others of a nice beard in the area.
"Holy shit! Did you see that wycked wizard fighting an orc on the moon with lightning poster?"

(Some dude walks by with a beard that looks like its from a fantasy novel series) (Friend looks at other friend with an impressed look on his face), "Wycked..."
by Hidden Lawyer November 30, 2007
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Ever thought movies about schools being so bad were fake well your wrong. Van wyck is really that bad, full of thotts, people thirsty for nudes, kids who lost their virginity at 13, fake people(mostly girls), drugs , and people from jjhs trying to get nudes from vw kids. You can even have a former pornstar as a teacher, every teacher is shit, wann be depressed and stressed then stay here.
10 years from now

Friend: I’ve been through hell
Me: Oh I went to van wyck Jhs also what year did you go?
by Daddy kong January 23, 2019
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