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n. v. adj. adv. (woo-ick, wick)

A versatile word used as a vulgarity. The word replaces any and all curse words. It is appropriate in any tense, requiring no inflection.

A word used to describe disdain and disgust of any kind.
"Wuick. I wuick forgot the wuick piece of wuick."

"You wuick. Wuick you, you're such a wuick wuick."
by Wuick April 11, 2007
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When someone's telling you to do something quickly, and they're in a such a hurry that they fat finger w instead of q.

BTW q is right next to w
p1 - Bruh send me the homework fast, i gotta go eat dinner RIGHT NOW
p2 - K man, sending
p1 - WUICK
by imcompletelyrational February 21, 2017
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