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Another word for hipster, but considered less affectionate and much more derogatory. A fairly new word, believed to be derived from a combination of the words 'write' and 'shit', possibly as a slur to a person who thinks they have artistic and creative ability but actually have none.

A 'writz' is a kind of hipster, only even more annoying. They have no courage of their convictions, purporting to support anything that isn't 'mainstream' but instantly giving up on it the moment someone else expresses a similar viewpoint. They have no real friends, just other 'writz'.

Quite possibly the worst kind of people, spending all day criticising things they know nothing about, while hypocritically being and doing all of what they claim to detest at the same time. Totally gutless, unable to confront people directly on issues instead choosing to moan when someone isn't around, manipulative, wannabe intellectual. Just an utter waste of space that looks down on other people, only to eventually return home to their rich parents while still maintaining the world that they are tough and independent. Claims to be better than everyone at everything,, but actually can't do anything particularly well. A 'writz' probably won't go to work much, wasting all day doing pointless crap like yoga or pumpkin carving.

If you get a 'writz' as a house mate, it's best to either kick them out or kill them and feed them to Canadian black bears.
"What's her problem, always talking down to everyone?"

"Oh, yeah, she's a bit of a writz. Just ignore her, she'll sod off eventually. Or die. Preferably the latter."
by YourHousematesAllHateYou November 21, 2011
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