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Originally the phrase was coined through the enhancement of the term bank influenced by modern rap songs between mid-late 2016 for the use of wrist in reference to flick of da wrist and association to money and drugs, such as Gucci Mane, YG, Drake, DJ Esco, Future, Young Thug, Tory Lanez, Logic and various artists. This is to be the unofficial coined term that bounds the two meanings.

--- adjective
1. entailing extreme expense; extremely high-priced; very costly: an extremely expensive party.

2. to own an extreme amount of money.

--- noun
3. the condition of being filthy rich.

4. universally used as a replacement term for large volume of drugs such as cocaine, etc.
Eg. 1 -adj.
Ronnie: Ayyyyy!!! You like this new ride?!
G'shawn: Damn son, whatchu pay for dat!?
Ronnie: either like it or naw, this piece right here was wrist bank but it's nothing.
G'Shawn: Rev the engine one time, that's a V12 fosho

Eg. 2 -adj.
Kris: Damn that's a nice watch!!! How much was it?
Bill: Wrist bank!
Kris: Moving on up in this world huh!

Eg. 3 -n
Jan: I think I'm coming down Bae, got any wrist bank on you?
May: No all I got left is the moon rocks.
Jan: Aww that's bootsy you wasn't ready.
by WritersGlock December 01, 2016
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