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To have come out of a situation, conversation, altercation or competition for the worse by a considerable measure. Generally used in such a way as to rub said loss in.
"Did you see how Sarah and Jessica lost that argument? Man, they got absolutely wreckt."
by advocado January 01, 2016
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The asshole of someone who has been fucked in the ass so much that it's very loose. Typically implies this person is a slut.
Johnny got fucked so much during Pride... he's wreckt.
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by InsolentInterrobang July 13, 2017
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a young dashing lad that tucks his weiner between his legs and plays the popular game World of Warcraft. The mother of this young, adolescent boy gets wrecked every night by a wide racial variety of men- this is where he recieved his name.
Wreckt the shammy is back peddling in the 1200's bracket.
by Bowthecow June 18, 2009
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