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"wrar" is "rawr" with the Australian accent. plain and simple pronunciation difference
I use "wrar" as my general greeting or as a way of announcing my presence but it is usually used on the internet as word of triumph. I.E. you shoot someone down with a comeback to a crappy insult. When they have nothing to say, wrar ensues. Not normally used by Americans to my general knowledge
by Ellilune January 29, 2008
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wrar: present tense. 1) Used to scare people, or just to say when you are annoyed with the poofs and crack whores in your life. 2) Something said when frightened and fronting. 3) One of the top 10 things not to be said in bed. 4) A way of showing you are an agressive kittie. 5)A mindless comeback.
1) Random Spammer: a/s/l
You: Wrar!
2) Random Stalker: I see you.
You: Wrar!
3) Your honey: Nice cat suit.
You: Wrar!
Your honey: So... what's on TV?
4) Your honey: Hey, I'm home!
You: Wrar! ::pounce::
5) Your mom speaking the truth: Your man is a crack whore.
You: Wrar.
by KatieT December 27, 2003
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