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An alternative pronunciation for the term rat

however this term strictly refers to the activity of snitchin on another member of one's society.

If someone is going to kill you and you call the police, you are not wraeting.. however if your next door neighbor is going to get robbed and you know about it and tell the police.. then you ARE A WRAETE ! If you are a nice neighbor then inform your friend about the planned robbery, and they can call the police themselves. That way you are not a wraete and they do not get robbed.

If you do not want to be a wraete keep your eyes and ears closed.. STOP SNITCHIN' !
Wraete to pig (officer): "Hey officer these people are about to rob the house on 123 luxurious street."

Dog(gangster) to homies: "man why did tha police show up, some one must have wraeted on us."
by Jeelo September 19, 2007
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