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n. The inability to properly pronounce the letter 'R'. (In one of the greatest, most insensitive fuck-yous built in to the English language, this would properly be spelled 'rhotacism', but anyone who suffers from it is doomed to mispronounce it.) Famous wotacists include Jonathan Ross ("Woss"), Elmer ("Elmuh") Fudd, and Homestar Runner ("Homestah Wunnuh").
"Stwong Bad? ...Stwong Bad, I bwought back yoh tape of old Mistuh Wizuhd's... Okay, I'll just leave it on the floh."

"Be vewy vewy quiet... I'm huntin' wabbits! Heh-heh-heh-heh!"

"Yes, I have a pwoblem pwonouning my 'ah's. It's called wotacism, look it up." "So what letter does that start with?" "FUCK you, that's what it stahts with."
by Zotmeister March 09, 2012
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