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someone who poses as someone who works out to help their personal self-esteem. Often thought to be males who walk around gyms not using the equipment, spending a lot of time at the gym but giving minimum effort. However since the "selfie" females are as common as men, taking full body pictures in the mirror without doing much (if anything) at all. Showing their online friends they are trying to get into shape (or why they stay in shape) without giving effort. Different ways of accomplishing the same goal. Building confidence at the gym without putting in work.
1st workoutaholic "bro, look at that girl. She's been here for a good half hour and hasn't done anything but stand by the mirror."
2nd workoutaholic "oh my god what a workout poser.."
2nd workoutaholic "if they spend the time actually working hard they'd feel a lot better than while their faking it."
1st workoutaholic "i know bro..i know."
by kid ak August 23, 2014
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