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when someone you try to avoid at work catches you at your desk when you are not paying attention, thereby holding you there against your will while they spout their meaningless opinions about work goings-on

this can also occur in hallways/stairways/others' offices

this person does not necessarily have to be a coworker, work rapists may include: salespeople, delivery people, children of the owner
Valerie: "Where's Mike?"

Janet: "Oh, poor guy, Herbie is in today - caught Mike at his desk and is work raping him about some new scheme he has."

Valerie: "HR really needs to do something about our frequent work rape situations!"
by wildjem December 14, 2009
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This definition applies to government employees and poor treatment of it's employees.

When the employer viciously assaults you with the metaphorical sandpaper dildo that is being forced to work long shifts, pay out the ass for medical care and does not allow you to have any days off. Work Rape may also take the form of not acting on a contract they had already approved. This is not to be confused with the lesser violation, Work Molestation where they add a little courtesy spit and allow you 8 hours between shifts. The employer truly does not understand, that no means no.
John "I've been working for 14 days straight, 14!!!!" Tim "The employer isn't done Work Raping you yet, i'm on day 27!!"

Greg "I pay $30 a year for health insurance" Sam "Im being Work Raped by paying over$1000 a month!! The worst part is, I have other insurance but can not opt out of the Work Rape!!! There is truly no escape from the sandpaper wrath of the employer"
by Flat Randy August 13, 2017
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