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Pronounced "wäp-uh-HO"

An Italian indian. Derived from Latin Woppus-Navojorium.
john - hey bob, you know tony running-water monetti?

bob - yeah?

john - i hear he's a wopajo.
by Hawaiian Dicking April 23, 2009
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Half Italian, Half Native American i.e (navajo).
Pronounced wop-a-hoe.
Ex.1: On applications that ask for your race you cant check off 2 boxes, you must check off OTHER:(wop-ajo,caucasian and native american)

Ex.2: 2 native americans, call you a fake ass indian at the pow-wow and are questioning as to your etchnicity, and ask you which indian nation you are representing, to which you reply: The WOP-AJO nation. Half Italian, Half Navajo.
by the anonymous conundrum November 28, 2007
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