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The woodpecker effect is a signature sexual move that can be performed by anyone with a sizable nose (the bigger the better) but primarily by Jed,to give you an idea Moses, one of Jeds close friends, once began talking to a plastic herron mistaking it for Jed.

Summed up by the great DJ/Electrician/Plumber/Shop assistant/Butcher/Delivery man/Entertainer/Bodger Fudge in the following way:

'Jed gets his nose, shoves it in between her legs, right into her gash then fucking woodpeckers up and down like its some sort of fucking tree, daft prix'

This is essentially THE WOODPECKER EFFECT.
'I tell you what sally, Jed didn't half give me a good woodpeckering last night'
'Bloody hell, I feel like I've been woodpeckered, see any herrons about last night!?'
'I'm getting well good at the woodpecker effect lads'
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