willy wonkas "elevator" that can go not just up and down, but it can go sideways and slantways and front ways and squareways...you get the picture
charlie: "its an elevator."
willy: "uh, no. its a wonkavator"
by oogie boogie jen August 27, 2003
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a huge slut, a chick who fucks sideways, leftways, sqaureways, upways,downways, diagonal ways
also Frankies mom.
i fucked her sideways, bro
sideways, leftways, upways, downways, shes like the fucking wonkavator
by the mauve avenger December 21, 2006
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You bring me up, like a crazy elevator to heaven.
“You wonkavate me!”
by BettieRides March 19, 2018
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