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Wompum is a great game for small groups (usually around 15-30 people) in wich everyone says their name before the game begins. After everyone is familiar with everyone elses names, the game begins:

The players sit in a circle while one person in the middle is "it". The it person is given a pillow. Then one designated player from the circle has to stand up, say his/her name then another player's name. Then the other person, whos name has just been called, must say their name and another player's name. And it goes on like that. BUT, when someones named is called, the "it" person has to try to hit that person with the pillow before they can say their own name then someone elses. IF someone is hit before they say their name and somebody elses, they are the it person and must hit someone else with the pillow.

What the players say in Wompum:

Sarah: "Sara, Bob."
Bob: "Bob, Ashley"
Ashley: "Ashley, Ben".

What the "it" person does in Wompum:

Tries to hit Ashley before she says "Ashley, Ben."
by erfquake November 06, 2007
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