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When one male fucks a female, then another male fucks the same female; they become wombro's (short for womb brothers).

Where the wombro's know each other, eg, are friends, the 2nd male must pay the 1st male a sum of money. The 1st male to fuck the female owns the rights to this female.

This is synonymous with the female version: Koxsis
The money must be EXACTLY 88 pence (british currency) in the following format: 1 x 50p. 1x 20p. 1 x 10p. 1 x 5p. 1 x 2p. 1 x 1p.

A good earner is a female who goes round a group of male friends fucking each one. The 1st male to have fucked this female will not only have multiple wombro's, but he will become rich beyond his wildest dreams from receiving 88p for each male to fuck the female after he has.

Payment structure: Example: The 4th male to fuck the same female becomes wombro's with 'male 3', 'male 2' and 'male 1'. He must then pay EXACTLY 88p to 'male 3', 88p to 'male 2' and 88p to 'male 1'. 'Male 2' must only pay 'male 1' 88p to settle his personal debt.
by Halberstram April 30, 2007
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