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A portmanteau of "Wombat" and "Booty" used to describe butts that are attractive, well muscled, impressive and powerful.

Wombats are small and friendly, but they are also feisty, muscular, cuddly, determined, unstoppable little tanks that use their powerful butts and thighs to crush the skulls of their enemies. The unexpected powerful muscle and single-minded determination beneath the friendly veneer of the wombat (plus the fact that it literally uses its butt and thighs to crush things to death) inspired the term "Wombat Booty" which was shortened to "Wombooty". Wombooty Wednesdays became a theme used to celebrate rear ends and any work out progress seen making butts stronger and better!
"Did you see how much weight Aimee was squatting today? That wombooty is STRONG."

"Erica takes more selfies of her butt than anything else, she got that wombooty pride!"

"Are Rimi and Chris still having a battle over who has the nicer wombooty?" "I hope so. I love all the pics and videos they're always posting but I don't even try to compete anymore. I almost slipped a disk last time."
by WombootyQueen October 08, 2015
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