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(wo-ma'.ch-kuh) this is a word that is really hard to pronounce but sounds totally bad-ass; you know why?...because it means "totally bad-ass." You know that guy in high school that had every girl you ever wanted? He was womachka. Remember that time that you "borrowed" your dad's car and drove it into a pole because you were sauced and that chick at the party was sitting next to you. That, my friend, was totally womachka. so go do something with yourself, and have a womachka time doin' it.
"My new dirtbike is so womachka"
"Quinn, your new bartending job is so womachka"
"That chick was lookin at me just now...she definitely thinks I'm womachka"
"The lunch lady...NOT womachka
by Bobby Pyle January 17, 2006
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