A useful pet name for your boyfriend if he likes to emulate a certain marvel superhero. wolverine
man: agh, I've run out of hair products, shall I just wear a beany today?

girl: wolvie, hun, just borrow my mousse...
by wiggle_ May 2, 2006
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Noun. A person who pwns Soulja Boy. Someone extremely awsome.
Person 1: Oh hey! Look! It's Soulja Boy!
Person 2: Wolvis Boy so pwns him.
by riex May 17, 2008
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A saying or chant that over-zealous University of Michigan fans say. The fan(s) is(are) disilusioned into thinking that it is a cool thing to say, when in fact it is not. It's gay...dont say it.
Hey dude, lets go to a gay bar and Wolvie Up!!
by screwtheblue April 7, 2005
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