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The act of tying a length of string around a small piece of bacon and getting your girl/boyfriend to swallow the aforementioned bacon (the string must remain out of the mouth). Then whilst in the act of anal penatration, just seconds before climaxing the string must be 'pulled' hard enough to bring the bacon back up the digestive tract causing your partner to gag and their sphincter to instantly contract around your penis.
Mike was feeling fuity and fancied a spot of filthy wolfgagging. So,whilst he was pumping Ricci Tamagna's arse that night he yanked on the string sending himself into waves of ecstasy.
by Joby the Jew September 15, 2006
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The art of engaging in anal sex, and on the cusp of ejaculation, ramming your fingers down your partners throat - thereby causing an involuntary convulsion resulting in the tightening of the sphincter muscles; thus hightening orgasm (well, for one of the participants anyway).
I was doin' my lady in the bullet and I asked if she fancied a spot of wolf-gagging. Before she could ask what that was, I'd reached forward and stuck my fingers down her throat, shot my load, and she hasn't spoken to me since....
by Simbo September 25, 2006
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