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White or Native American woman who:
- smells like stale cigarettes
- owns at least one fleece pullover (preferably with a wolf howling at the moonlight on it)
- purchases all bras at Walmart (or does not wear one)
- is over age 40
- purchases eyeglasses at the local convenience store and wears them around neck on a string
- has long straggly hair (usually greying and quite unkempt)
- may or may not own a crossbow/gun
- 100% owns a fishing rod
- drinks beer, only beer
- very conversational, will strike up a conversation with anyone, anywhere
- will also tell you their life story and use uncomfortable anecdotes

- wears old running shoes (buys new pair every 10 years on average)
"Man, this wolf woman came into my work today and spent half an hour looking at discount hair dyes and asking which one would work best for facial hair"
by choirfreak February 01, 2016
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