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is a female name usually given to individuals who are smart, cute, they love cats, horses, gorillas, and very fine things. they have great physical features such as a great rack and an amazing ass. Wisal's are usually modestly dressed, and are very caring, and very rare. if you have one in your life YOU BETTER HOLD ON TO THEM!
dude: i'm sorry, i dont think thing's are gonna work out.

girl: why?! i thought u loved me!?
dude: your not wisal enough!
girl: fml...
by lalalagirl5543 December 27, 2011
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A female name meaning--- simple-minded monkey-human with nappy hair on her big head. She usually talks way too much and is obsessed with Japanese related themes. She showers on rare occasions.
Wisal is watching anime on the laptop again.
by BigPoppaDaDon August 18, 2010
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