A truncation of the word "wicked," in the British, rather than New England sense.

For something to be brilliant, pleasing, or superb. Also could mean, "ok," "let's do it," or an affirmative response.

Synonyms: awesome, kick-ass, bitchin, fuck yeah
"Is that more free beer?"
"You lashed yet?"
by Dixon St. Grottlesex July 11, 2006
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Basically the rudest of all rude words, to call someone a wiq is to call someone a cunt eating ass munching clit licking faggot.
Person #1: Dand Brian is being a teal douchebag today
Person #2: Yah ©dude he’s beimg kind if a wiq
Person #1: Bro chill out he’s not that bad
by fushshdbsbsb January 15, 2019
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