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1 - known as "vani"; the new and improved fansdramaw, posts great memes and trustworthy information about seungri's burning sun and group chat case. they stand up for their opinion & are a great example of a leo: a pretty bitch with an opinion & will not shut up, but also puts themselves in the spotlight and try to keep their facts straight. their main account on instagram is sskittled, where they make memes. their ult is dean. one mutual that relates back to them is @forseungri.
2 - a popular joke between kpop group NCT's fandom, NCTzens, that chinese member WinWin (Dong Sicheng) has a small dick. instagram user winwins3inch quotes, "I was being nice by saying he's a 3 inch, he's probably even less than that."

person 1: did you see fansdramaw's new post? lol they only know how to give false info
person 2: lmaooo tea! instagram user winwins3inch could never.

person 1: winwin has a 7 inch dick, you guys can't defeat his BDE.
person 2: how would you defeat BDE that doesn't exist? it's winwins3inch, not winwins7inch.
by slip into the diamond life March 20, 2019
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