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A term to describe when one particular contestant on a reality television show recieves a lot of camera time and is shown in a very positive light compared to the other contestants, and are only shown on the show when they are doing something good. This contestant goes on to win the reality show. The purpose of the "winner's edit" is to have the fans pleased with the final outcome because they find the winner endearing, when in reality (no pun intended) it only makes the show boring and predictable because it becomes pretty obvious who is recieving this winner's edit after only a few episodes. Antonymn: see loser's edit.
Person 1: I just watched the finale of Rock of Love 1! Guess who wins?

Person 2: *sigh* I didn't watch it, but clearly Jes won because she has a winner's edit. I stopped watching after episode 2.

Person 1: Yeah, all these vH1 shows stink because of the stupid winners' edits!
by Drewmister July 21, 2008
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