n. sport that consists of skillfully travleing from one vineyard to anther in a small area and sampling a variety of fermented grape juice. The winner is one who paces themselves enough that they don't fall down or throw up.
We need to pace ourselves if we are winetasting at 7 vineyards today.
by tinybrat May 6, 2009
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A wine that is delectable and/or exquisitely satisfying.
When asked how the wine tasted, Dr. Cornelius responded, "It is just winetastic!"
by TNTdynamightyjoeyoung April 6, 2011
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A man who enjoys giving oral sex to women who are having their period.
You a winetaster?

Bitch please! That shit is fucked up bro.
by MaBallzIsHarry April 17, 2008
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