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A soft chewy sweet for all the family to enjoy!
"Henri got drunk on wine gums."
by GirlSkater February 10, 2004
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To winegum v. - to inadvertantly retrieve a 'herpes sack' from a woman's axe wound during cunnilingus.
I winegummed some hound last night, that'll teach me for hooking up with chicks in the g.u. clinic
by AussieLebo December 17, 2010
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When you're feeling frisky and want to change the conversation in the group. Fold your upper lip between your gum line and hold it to reveal an overbite or "showy teeth" known as winegums
"Look Mum I've got winegums"

"Ah, Winegums, I don't quite know how to respond but I'll try and do it too.."

"He did winegums on the first date. I knew he was the one."
by Jesus Cat June 06, 2018
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