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A person who acts in an exceedingly whore-like fashion. So much so that she/he takes whore to a horrific and yet fantastic level.
Jane had an absolutely whorerific night taking it in the ass from three guys.

John's stack of penicillin prescriptions are a testament to his whorerific past.
by museme February 23, 2010
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Insinuating a girl that dresses sleasey is a whore.
An outfit or appearance that displays whore likes attributes, also related to vanity horrors. A prostitute like exterior.
Wow! Check out that whore-rific chick. No doubt she's a whore.
Doode that out fit is whore-ific. No way am i buying that. People will think im a whore.
by Sagehrts595 July 10, 2008
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